• Contest of show-garden design projects for the upcoming exhibition at the Garden Festival "Garden people 2017"

    (20.11.2017 - 20.02.2018)

    Contest of show-garden design projects for the upcoming  exhibition at the  Garden Festival "Garden people 2017"

    Dear friends!

    Moscow Landscape Club and the Moscow International Festival of Landscape Art, Gardening and Nurseries "Gardens and people" announces the start of the  contest of show-garden design projects for the upcoming  exhibition at the  Garden Festival "Garden people 2018", which will take place in August 2018.

    The theme of the Garden Show 2018 is "Playful garden"

    "The game is a voluntary action or occupation carried out within the established boundaries of place and time according to voluntarily accepted but absolutely binding rules with the goal contained in itself, accompanied by a feeling of tension and joy, as well as the consciousness of" other being "than the" ordinary "life "// From the work of I. Khaezing" Homo Ludens ".

    What is our life? A game!

    There are two categories of participants:

    - professionals

    - beginners

    The winner of the competition in the category of "professionals" will receive the right and opportunity to implement the project at the Festival "Gardens and People 2018" in full or in part at the expense of the Sponsor - the Moscow Landscape Club.

    The winner of the competition in the category "beginners" will be awarded a special prize from the organizing committee of the Festival.

    The competition is open to landscape designers, architects, students of specialized faculties and all who independently develops the profession of landscape designer.


    1. Create your project and send it to
    until the 20th of February 2018.

    Project requirements:

    the project should reflect the idea of the theme of exhibition gardens in 2018: "The game in the garden";

    the size of the garden: from 50 to 100 sq.m .;

    presentation of the project - manual or computer graphics.

     A set of drawings required must include: Garden plan with dimensions, garden visualization, concept or description of the project, cost estimates;

    project may include any designer's decisions and elements with no restrictions concerning materials, components and parts;

    the project must include the implementation cost calculation (if possible): 

    assortment of plants, 

    a list of constracting materials with an indication of the estimated price(if possible), 

    The works are published anonymously using the numbers as they become available. The projects are not allowed to specify the  name, contact numbers, advertising materials.

    From this year we are taking the work in two categories: professionals and beginners (including students of universities). Please indicate its category in the letter.


    2. Visit 
    to see the works of the participants.


    3. Win the price and find a sponsor for realisation of your project!